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    Monday 20th May 2013


    Hydropower & Regional Development Workshop

    Hydropower & Regional Development Workshop


    This workshop is organised by the International Hydropower Association (IHA), in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


    The event fostered knowledge and encouraged exchanges between stakeholders in the energy and water sectors in various world regions. It builds on a series of previous events in Africa, Asia and Latin America and addresses the important contribution that hydropower makes to regional cooperation and development. Participants from multilateral and private financial institutions, planning agencies, government, civil society and business organisations from various regions explored the role of hydropower in regional development. 


    The workshop identified key indicators of success in three elements of regional cooperation on hydropower. Highlights of the workshop will be presented in session 2b at the IHA World Congress.



    Photos from taken at the Workshop
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    12:00-12:50 Introduction

    • Mr Roger Gill, Chair, IHA Regional and Renewable Systems Working Group
    • Mr Torstein Sjotveit, Chief Executive Officer, Sarawak Energy Berhad
    • Mr Raghuveer Sharma, Chief Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
    • Mr Emmanuel Boulet, Senior Environmental Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
    • Ms Kate Lazarus, Senior Operations Officer, Sustainable Business Advisory, IFC


    12:50-13:35 Lunch

    Participants will be split into smaller groups and given the opportunity to choose two of the three topics below which will be take place at 13:00 and repeated at 15:00. Each discussion will be documented by a rapporteur. All the participants will gather again in plenary at the end of the day to discuss the findings presented by the rapporteurs.


    13:35-14:40 Sharing experience 1.


    Topic 1: "Bringing markets to the resource"
    Hydropower can be a powerful engine for economic growth, especially when linked with industries that seek low-carbon energy supply. Traditional and new power-intensive industries, such as metal, manufacturing, consumer goods, and internet data centres, are particularly likely to demand low-carbon energy. How to successfully link generation with these industries’ demand for power? This session will present recent case studies and will discuss their regional impacts.

    • Chair: Mr Jean-Michel Devernay, Chief Technical Specialist, World Bank
    • Case study: Iceland, Dr Oli Blöndal Sveinsson, Executive Vice President, Landsvirkjun
    • Case study: Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy, Mr Chang Ngee Hui, Economic Advisor, State Planning Unit
    • Rapporteur: Ms Tracy Lane, Programme Director, International Hydropower Association (IHA)


    Topic 2: "Regional interconnections"
    Around the world, different regional strategies are applied to hydropower development; from bi-national interconnections to regional-level power trading. When does hydropower act as a catalyst for collaboration between parties, and which specific challenges does it pose for regional cooperation? Recent cases will be presented, with an emphasis on the political and technical framework needed for action and success.

    • Chair: Mr Anthony Jude, Director, Energy Division, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    • Case study: India and Bhutan, Mr Kaoro Ogino, Principal Energy Specialist, ADB
    • Case study: Canada and the U.S., Mr Ken Adams, Senior Vice President, Power Supply, Manitoba Hydro
    • Rapporteur: Mr Isaac Kirk Koffi, Deputy Chief Executive, Volta River Authority


    Topic 3: "River basin perspectives"
    Many different actors are involved in river basin development, including river basin commissions, riparian governments, private developers, civil society, etc. Which elements facilitate dialogue between these actors, and how can a satisfactory river basin development plan be achieved? Participants will also assess the role of the private sector, in particular when it is called upon to act in the absence of regional coordination.

    • Chair: Mr Simon Krohn, Chief Technical Advisor, Mekong River Commission
    • Case study: Mekong, Dr. Pech Sokhem, Co-Chair, M-POWER
    • Case Study: Three regional perspectives, Mr Juan Quintero, Civil/Environmenttal Engineer
    • Rapporteur: Mr Sameer Singh, Senior Environmental Specialist, IFC


    14:40-14:55 Coffee Break


    14:55-16:00 Sharing experience 2.

    • Topic 1: "Bringing markets to the resource"
    • Topic 2: "Regional interconnections"
    • Topic 3: "River basin development"


    16:00-16:45 Summary by rapporteurs


    16:45-17:00 Conclusion by IFC and IHA